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Naomi Louise Rae MSc - UKCP Reg, SN MBACP  - Counselling & Psychotherapy Clinical Practice Lancaster UK

IMAGO Relationship TherapyI work with couples to explore and find more satisfying ways in which they can enjoy being together. Many couples embark on their journey together happy, hopeful and certain their good feeling will continue. However, some find that over time they drift apart, still  living together but feeling disconnected. Others find themselves falling into a loop of resentments or conflict with resulting breakdown in relationship and  unable to move on together.

Couples come for therapy for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you are struggling with emotional, sexual or physical intimacy, divorce, separation, an affair or communication difficulties. Whatever the reason, I can provide a space and time where you can both learn more about your struggles while exploring ways to enhance your relationship.

How do I work?

By paying close attention to the rhythms and patterns of communication (often familiar) in your relationship we will discover how you support or diminish your levels of satisfaction and intimacy. Exploring your history together and you’re past family experiences can illuminate other factors that contribute to your current situation. The aim is to find choice points where you can make new decisions, experiment with doing things differently and find more support for the kind of relationship you want.
I am passionate about the work I engage in with couples and I have very positive feedback from clients who have remarked on the none threating nature of Imago Relationship Therapy.  I am training in Imago Relationship Therapy to allow me to be effective in what I do with couples.  I continue to be available for ongoing training in Imago Relationship Therapy as I realise the importance of continuing to develop my own understanding and skills.
 I am also the only therapist with Imago Relationship Therapy training in Lancaster and one of a handful in the North of England.
The Soul Bird Individual Beauty
There are times in everyone’s life when we need help and support from others. Often when faced with issues such as loss, relationship difficulties and life stresses which can bring overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness and grief.  Whatever it is, I can help you to discover ways for you to restore the balance in your life and become the contented, happy person you deserve to be.
 I have the skills and experience to help you uncover what’s really going on, causing you to feel unhappy.
Children go through tough times too and they can be effectively supported through therapy. I provide a non-threatening space for your child to explore with a purpose. There are many therapeutic activities that can be done with children through play so they don’t even know they are receiving counselling. This can take the form of drawing, storytelling, using puppets, role play or sand play.  
The Soul Bird - Red - Willow Clinical PracticeThe first indication that something is wrong may be when your child starts to misbehave more than usual. Other signs might be that your child seems very tired, lacks motivation to go to school or play with friends or engages in behaviour that is inappropriate for the child’s age, for example, acting as though they are younger than their years. 
It may be that you are going through a difficult time yourself and this is having an impact on your child, in which case it might be an idea to consider counselling for yourself instead of or as well as your child. See Individuals.
I would begin by inviting you to an introductory session for you to ask any questions you may have and for me to give you an idea of how counselling works, discussing things like confidentiality. This also gives your child the opportunity to meet me whilst you are present. After this initial session, you will be asked to leave the room whilst counselling takes place (50 mins) and  it is useful if you are able to be contactable during this time.
I work in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way using your own natural talents and interests. For example, if you enjoy drawing, then this can be used within the sessions through art activities to explore the difficulties you are facing.  
David%20Gerstein%20-%20Soul%20Bird%2040x21x10cmI have worked with issues such as self-harm, eating disorders, relationship issues, low self-esteem, body image and abuse. 
I would begin by inviting you to an introductory session for you to ask any questions you may have and for me to give you an idea of how counselling works, discussing things like confidentiality. If you are under 18, I will also need a parent or guardian to come to this initial meeting to give their permission for you to have counselling

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